Monday, April 20, 2009

Day One of National Academy 2009 in Snowbird!

WHAT a great first day! Cindy Lou and I are in the same group, with Mike Hafer leading. This is Mike's rookie season on the team, and I was psyched to ski with him and see what he had to say! It was terrific. To the point, positive, encouraging... the snow was frozen solid in the morning, as Snowbird tends to be at this time of year, and we ripped it up anyway.

We spent the morning working on reducing chatter in our skis, putting the power on at the top of the turn by releasing to a flatter ski earlier in the bottom of the turn. The biggest problem I have right now is what skis to take out! I want to get out there on my Slalom racing skis in the early morning because its so frozen, but it will soften up by 10:30, and by 11:30 it will be manky as all get out, and we'll be off piste, where I would be sad on my Slalom skis.

Sigh. There are worse problems to have in life at the end of April though, no?

In the afternoon, I skied with David Oliver in the Park and Pipe, but the park and pipe are closed, so we went all over the mountain looking for things to huck ourselves off of, it was super fun. We did a 360 progression that was a blast. I may just take that as an elective every day! I loved it. Landing switch, whoo hoo! In the afternoon, I took out the big fat skis, because by then it was a bit like waterskiing on molasses, so the fatties made me feel floaty and shmeary, it was terrific.

In the afternoon I did an interview for PSIA on what the organization means to me, and why do I like teaching, which was really fun, any time I can gush about how fun it is to teach is a good day for me!

That evening we had another buffet, and the food is surprisingly good! Andy Hawk was hocking PSIA logo gear for incredible discounts at the Buffet, way cheaper than the catalog, and then it was off to a small party in one of the rooms, vodka and pomegranate liquor.... and Tylenol for breakfast!!

More with Mike Hafer today, can't wait!

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