Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Days three and four of PSIA National Academy 09 in Snowbird!

Whoops, sorry I didn't post this morning, its been crazy! One of the awesome, yet challenging things about academy is that there is something to do from the minute you wake up until the minute you go to sleep!

Yesterday was all day elective day, and I chose to do "Using the whole mountain as park and pipe" it was great! Dave Oliver taught it, and we went through several progressions towards a 360, I'm getting close... I don't like landing forward, though. On ice skates, you always land backwards... so I'm more comfortable skiing switch than I used to be, and I did a bunch of 180s and 270s today, which felt great, and easy, although I am looking at my skis, unfortunately.

I had to leave the session early yesterday because my knee was just killing me, it was really swollen, just like when I fell off the mountain bike and hit it on the rock, so I'm taking it a bit easy... I gave a bunch of massage yesterday afternoon, and then we had a banquet and the trade show (which I should have been taking pictures of...) At the trade show I got to meet Joel, the inventor and CEO of the Skier's Edge, and it turns out that he heard my dad sing opera a gazillion years ago! Small world, no? It was amazing to meet him, and find out how much we have in common, share our stories...

Today I skied with Mike Hafer again, and did much better in the mank working on changing edges while flexing through the transition so I don't get trapped in the mank, then moving along the ski, staying with it for just a moment longer... It worked really well in the morning. Then we went to lunch (which is included this year!! YEAH!!), and I met a bunch more people who are readers of my blog! It has been so fun this week to put faces with the names! People who comment on the posts, or email me directly, its just been a blast to catch up and meet everyone.

After lunch I demoed some new Elan skis, the Speedwave, super super fun, like a wide slalom ski with a thick, soft tip. Yeah! I went to the carving clinic and took a bunch of photos for Andy Hawk, and then started group hopping to get more photos.

Then it was back to the room to give more massage, and now, dinner with my group, I gotta get cleaned up and get downstairs so we can go eat some Tasty Thai!

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