Thursday, April 2, 2009

I love skiing

I was sitting here thinking about today, and you know what's cool? I was thinking about all the really fun times in each run, I wasn't thinking about the exam. I was thinking about that huge save, about playing with turnshape in slauchman's, about how fun the bumps were on Deer Park, about what it felt like to launch myself a little off one and then direct the tips back down into the troughs, to do some medium turns and some quick ones, I remember how awesome and smooth and easy the turns were in the morning on Deer park... and I was thinking wow, it was so fun! I love skiing.

I love the way it feels to get better and better at something, so I can play on more of the mountain more confidently, just play, with turn shape and size, with drops and jumps and kickers, going off logs and stumps and over and sometimes through bushes... I love the smooth feeling of your legs crossing under you while your body floats on top. I love feeling free and playful, I love being out in the snow all day. I felt like I was seven and going sledding with my friends.

I'm so very lucky. I love my job, and I love the process of moving on in my work. Of improving. So, I guess, I'd love to pass, I'd like to keep moving on, but if the exam ended tonight, if I got "cut" because my skiing wasn't there... I'd be okay with that. I'm not doing this to pass. I'm doing this because getting better at skiing is the most fun anyone can have ever, and I'm excited to teach more and more at higher and higher levels, and watch my students experience this amazing thing, the mountain unlocking as the skills come up.

Okay, I've made myself all sappy and weepy... I'm going to bed now so I can go play some more tomorrow!!


SkiingandTheWorld said...

Right on!!

missyCa$h said...

KATE. YOU ROCK. i am SO proud of you! you nailed this, you are sooo right. its not about passing, its about improving and that is YOU, GIRL! you rock my socks. you are an inspiration, a motivating spirit. i am so grateful to have you in my life and in our locker room. you know why you are late from time to time? cuz you got a million things on your plate, you are NEVER standing still. you are constantly improving, going, rocking, YOU KICK ASS GIRL. im proud and blessed to call you my friend. cheers hot babe. KILL IT TOMORROW! SLAY IT! cheers, mc

a said...

Thank, guys! It was so awesome to read these comments, it really helped me to focus!!