Saturday, November 15, 2008

Donation Love!

THANK YOU Amanda! I got this note this morning, along with some gas money into my training fund!

"I've contributed a bit of dosh to the gas money fund, since you've lost so much time due to yr diva brain stem."

I have indeed had to cancel more than a dozen massages this week and miss school due to the little tiny ER snag, and this really helps! Thanks so very much for your help, Can't WAIT to stand on the World Cup course and see how its done!!

Unfortunately I won't be slipping the course and working on the course crew, as its long days of super hard work on ice, and you have to get your ass out of the way before the next world cup skier comes rippin' down the course, but I'm grateful that there is a helpful job I CAN do that will let me make some easy turns, be on the course, and learn a lot.

Bringing my table to Aspen, email me if you want a rub! (Thanks Dennis and Kurt for helping me fill up my schedule, its great to work on the road!!)

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