Sunday, November 2, 2008

Written up in 32 Degrees Magazine

Thanks for the great write up, Uncle Random! I'm in a ski magazine! YAY! Click on the picture to get a large size you can actually READ.


Liat said...

That is so cool! You look fantastic and the article is good! (But why didn't he include a plug for HardHead Coaching???)

a said...

Thanks. :-) Selko took the pictures, he's really good at that! I'm glad you like the article, it was pretty cool to have it come out. We talked about a lot more than that, but I think they boiled it down pretty well!

I think the main difference now is that I definately want to be on the team, but not because being on the team is my career goal. I feel like if I get on the team, it will be a great puzzle piece to the career, or path, that I see unfolding before me, and that really includes the HardHead coaching.

So I do wish they'd put a link, but it's okay, HardHead is still developing, and I'm lucky to have lots of opportunity to practice applying it to skiing, here in MT, and in Aspen a bit, and in the PNW hopefully this fall, so I think as it grows and my materials become more concrete, it will become better known.

See? I am practicing my patience!