Friday, November 14, 2008

MRI Results, 7 days till World Cup

Okay, here it is: My brain, apparently, is fine (ha ha ha) thank goodness. My neck, on the other hand, not so much. They are considering doing a full spine and pelvis MRI of me, but currently:

The disc between c5/6 is bulging and impinging the nerve roots coming out of the spinal column, and possibly occasionally the spinal chord, although we can't be sure. The disc between c6/7 is also bulging, but not as badly.

I have been referred to an orthopedic surgeon to do injections into my discs to relieve the pressure in those sites. At this time, no surgery seems necessary. At this time. (Do they really have to stress it twice??)

I talked with my friend Kurt, who has several fused discs in his back, and apparently the injections, while scary sounding, are great, really helpful, and I should be fine a couple of days after. YAY!

I'm supposed to drive to Aspen on the 22nd to go work on the World Cup course there, but I am going to have to step off of the actual crew and do video for Katie instead, because I don't think I should be carrying heavy loads and skiing hard on ice all day under pressure. I don't mind being on the course on my skis video taping, that would be great, and seems appropriate for where I am right now.

So, checking to see if I can get injections on Monday or Tuesday, so I feel better by Friday! Keep your fingers crossed!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to read things but. . . SCARY. . . and NOT what you need! Good luck making a full recovery soon.

a said...

Thanks so much, it was scary, and guess what? I have ANOTHER full MRI tonight of the rest of my spine and pelvis. Yay! Vertigo Rules!

At least I get to spend two hours focusing on Mental Fitness, zen master will lay still and not freak out while loud thumping noises go round and round....