Monday, November 24, 2008

Tripple Bogey Dinner in Aspen and World Cup gear up!

Okay, I'm here! It was a loooong 14 hour drive, i got in at 5am. WHEW! I got to sleep in the next day, and gave some massage in the afternoon, which was lovely. The next day, I got to go up to Megan's house and make her dinner, not thinking at all about the fact that cooking is exactly like multi taksing, and that its been pretty complicated for me to multitask lately!!

Of course, I chose a recipe from the French Laundry cookbook, which i love to cook out of, Scallops on this amazing compote of mushrooms. So, I made a salad, corn chowder with bell pepper creme garnish, polenta and asparagus, and scallops, followed by pumpkin pie and flour-less chocolate cake.

The deserts were no problem, but the salad, soup and main course were NOT up to snuff. I really enjoyed cooking in her kitchen, and it was interesting to see where I was cognitavely, and it was amazing to have everyone's help at the very end. But its funny, the basic pasta dishes I usually throw together are much much better than what we had for dinner. Ah well. the point was more for the friendship and company, but I do love to cook, so, just like in my skiing, I like to have it all come out just so, so I strive to make it the best I can.

This was a good lesson for me in letting it go, because the only person at dinner who has eaten my cooking before was Kurt, so I guess I wanted to sort of hit it out of the park. It was nice to do the best I could and let that be good enough. I felt the urge to apologize, and fought it.

All in all, it was a great night, I got to hear some terrific stories from Weems and Katie and Megan about what terrors they were as kids, and we all reminisced about National Academy (Megan and Katies's 14+ years to my two), and I got to learn a little more about Jason, the incredible chef who was up at dinner. I offered to come chop vegis for him sometime, and he agreed, so i may occasionally be loitering around Megans house to pick up some tips from him! That's exciting!

Except I don't think he's going to let me chop. I'll probably have to watch and to dishes, but that is just as good!

The plan for World Cup looks like this: Thursday and Friday I'll be up video taping the freesking practice, Saturday katie and i will be a video/slip team, and Sunday I'll be taping, which will be great.

I've heard they are injecting the race course with water 10 inches under the surface, and when i asked what that meant, i was told "bullet proof ice". OH YAY! GuessI'd better learn to tune my skis tomorrow!

Its been in the 20s and they are blowin' snow every where every day.

Its great to be back in Aspen, this town is so beautiful and friendly, and its great to see friends and connect again. The trainers are out on the hill working their MA, I am so impressed with the dedication to training the staff and putting out a quality product at all four ski schools.

That's all for now, I'll keep you posted and thanks for reading!

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