Monday, November 3, 2008

Permission to Train (and this is my 600th post!)

First off, holy CRAP, I can't believe I've written 600 posts! Thanks for sticking in there with me on my journey, guys! Its been quite the adventure, and we still have how many days to go? (1275, give or take a few for any of you who are counting...)

One of my coaching clients, Jonathan, is training to go to Kona and compete in the Iron Man in five years. Its quite the goal, but then again, he's quite a guy.

We had a meeting last week, and because he wrote about it, I get to share it with you! We spoke a bit about giving yourself permission to act unapologetically for the things that you do for yourself that are healthy for you and in the interest and puruit of your goals (as long as they aren't hurting or taking from other people). It was a grea session, and Jonathan wrote a cool post about it from his perspective, which you can find here.

Keep on truckin' Jonathan, I love how open you are to these big challenges, and I'm not even talking about the race, I'm talking about what it takes to even begin to think about getting there.


Jo said...

Hey, where did this picture come from? You do know that I'm in it right? 5 riders back, being overly upright on my bike (how I do yo). Thanks for the props on my post, but you do know that before I said it you said it to me. Thanks for helping me focus my training. I believe that I have finally started to "train" and not just "work out." It is the noble suffering. However, It's awesome to still be in the honeymoon portion of my training, I know I am faster EVERY TIME I go out.

a said...

hi! I stole this picture off your Facebook. Its great! I do know that's you in back there, and meant to post it, but I'm a doofus sometimes.

I do know that we talked about Permission to Train, and its something I feel passionate about, I am just really glad and grateful when a client takes something that resonates with them and makes it their own, part of their drive and mantra, that's what its all about, baby!

And by the way, you don't EVER have to leave the honeymoon stage! That's another thing that HardHead focuses on... I feel like EVERY turn I make is moving me toward being a better skier, so I'm always excited to make the next one, even if the last one sucked.

If you never feel like you've fallen out of love with training, you'll always move toward your goal! Congratulations in feeling like you are training rather than working out, its quite a difference, no??

Way to go, Jonathan!