Sunday, November 9, 2008

I got my ass handed to me in Yoga yesterday... Welcome to the Team, Tiffany!

I finally made it to Yoga. I've been meaning and meaning to go, for about four years, now. When we lived in Pasadena, pre-kids, I had a pretty good practice, about three times a week. There seemed always to be a reason not to go, which is silly, because I know it does so much for my body, mind, and spirit. I always feel better after Yoga.

So, on Saturday Morning, I headed down to Down to Earth Yoga at the Emmerson Cultural Center in Bozeman, and of course, I had done everything I could to miss class, I slept badly the night before, I had a hangover from the fabulous Equinox party Friday, I dilly-dallied on my computer, I know you aren't supposed to enter class late...

At the last minute I sucked up my courage, parked my car and snuck into class. Tiffany Mylott was teaching, she's also a massage therapy student at Health Works Institute, and the class was AWESOME.

Do you know that feeling when you haven't been skiing in years and years, and then you go out and ski ALL DAY because its so much fun, and then you get back to wherever you are staying and you are CRIPPLED and want to DIE?

Tiffany did that to me in an hour and a half. It was awesome. I am so freakin' sore I can't believe it. Of course, Tiffany didn't really do that to me, I did that to me. SO - if you are in Bozeman, take a can of food with you and go to her class, it rocks, it's only $7 with a can of food for the food drive, and if you haven't done Yoga in a while, well, PACE YOURSELF! Tiffany also does private classes, email me at katehowe at mac dot com if you are interested, and I'll pass it along.

Its a beautiful, deep, compassionate practice taught by a woman who knows what she's doing. In fact, it was so great, I asked Tiff if she would join my team as my Yoga instructor to make my core and legs stronger and to help me get my balance back, and she has agreed! So welcome to the team, Tiffany, thanks for joining!!

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