Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Alison Gannet's Rippin Chix Camp!

Oh, oh oH!! I'm so freakin' excited! I get to go to Alison Gannett's Rippin Chix camp! Do you know what this means? I get to learn to HUCK MYSELF OFF STUFF! YES YES! Rachel Bauer hold on to your hat (and please come with me!)

Bring three friends and your camp is free. Alison is a VGW (Very Green Woman) who is working hard to teach us all about reducing our carbon footprint and slowing global warming. She also happens to be an extreme skiing champion. WEEE HOO, lets GO!

Feb 14-15 in Crested Butte.

To benefit The Save Our Snow Foundation

Freeskiing champion Alison Gannett is proud to bring her infamous steep skiing camps for women to Crested Butte Mountain Resort again this season.

The camp sold out in 2008, so reserve your space early.

This camp is for real skiers wishing to improve their skills and confidence in a life-changing weekend. Open to alpine and tele chix wishing to improve their skills and confidence on black runs, with 6 exciting levels:

A level - Those who can ski black runs for several hours

B level - Those who wish to start skiing double blacks

C level - Those who can ski double blacks but need confidence and tricks to negotiate rocks and stumps

D level - Those who can ski double blacks all the time and wish to learn to jump off rocks and ski faster.

E level - Those looking jump bigger cliffs, straightline and compete in extreme contests.

Learn Alison’s special step by step progression method to tackling the steeps, including her five ways to catch air, and special tricks to make the tough stuff like rocks, trees, powder, chutes, and moguls seem easy.

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