Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What a Day!

I moved into my locker at Bridger Bowl today, and I gotta say, even with all the loverly places I have been fortunate enough to travel to, it was awesome to come home!

I picked up my new uniform coat, with Bridger Bowl Snowsports embroidered on the back (!!!), and put on my pins (geeeeek!) and my name tag, moved into my locker and really just reveled in my geekdom!

Its funny, John Saam, another Bridger instructor was up there, and he came in, dropped off his stuff, said hi, and took off. Its funny to me that just like a girl, I decorated when I moved in!

I put up my shelves and moved in the essentials, made a list of what I was missing, and taped up my inspiration board, which has been on my mirror all summer (and which I took to Mt. Hood with me and taped up on their mirror!)

I have a couple of photos that Selko gave me of Steven Nyman and Bode Miller, a couple of pictures from ski racing mags that Squatty gave me that I usually have in my pocket, and an article on Darra Torres that Kurt gave to me about succeeding over 40!

I put up my World Cup Crew patch and all my pins from Aspen, my Bowl pin and etc, and then I spent about an hour and a half tuning my skis, and YES, I used almost an ENTIRE p-tex candle! Ugh, these are now officially rock skis!

I start work on Thursday and I can't wait to get out there!!

In OTHER news, I passed 20,000 hits on my blog today! HOLY CRAP! Thanks for reading, y'all!!!

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