Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Suzie Fox skis black diamond bumps at Bridger Bowl!

Check THIS chick out! I love skiing with Susie, we always have an awesome day of it, and, of course, any boys who end up sharing the tripple chair with us immediately regret it because we are a total giggle gabbing factory up there! To be fair, we warn them... but I'm pretty sure they wish they could jump off about half way up Pierre's.

Susie did an AWESOME job today, went from way in the back seat with an occasional wedge and very straight back to learning to move forward and across her skis, she found her center of mass and we played with it all day (giggle giggle).

We got off the blue groomers and into the bumps by the end of the day, and since Deer Park was closed due to wind, and South Bowl was TOO EASY for her, we skied the gnarliest bump run at Bridger, Last Chance! To see more video of Susie, click here!

Oh, and caveat: the bump footage was at the VERY end of a VERY hard day of skiing, so the previous run was prettier, but we are BOTH psyched at how well she managed to ski this run for the THIRD TIME on tired legs!! GO GIRL!!

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