Thursday, December 18, 2008

When Girls Dream of Tuning Kits...

Currently drooling and saving pennies for this awesome system that I got to use in Aspen, the set up makes the angle SO true and accurate, it was AWESOME! I looked it up on line, though and can't find it anywhere! Anyone wanna tell a newbie where I can find this monster of accuracy and ease?


Anonymous said...

I am in the market for a good tunning kit. I looked up the company and found them. Have you tried to contact them? Gladek

Here is their tool. Tunning Tool

Let us know what you find out.

a said...

YES! Man, I looked it up last night and couldn't find it! I currently use the Swix side and base edge bevels for my files, and they are good, supposed to be great, but THIS KIT was just absolutely head and shoulders over everything I've touched so far.

Thanks for finding it!!!