Thursday, December 18, 2008

Full Cert Free Ride Petition for Non-Facebook Types!

WHEW! I did it! Okay, there is now a:

PSIA Facebook Group

Full Cert Free Ride Facebook Group

Full Cert Free Ride Sign the Petition

Full Cert Free Ride Website with more info

So if you AREN'T on Facebook, but like the idea of adding your voice to this grassroots proposal, there are several ways to get involved!

Thanks for hangin' in there while I get it all streamlined, this thing is a beast, and that's GOOD! If you are a member of the Facebook Group Full Cert Free Ride, you don't need to sign the Petition, but you are welcome to. It amounts to the same thing.

The OLD Full Cert Free Ride, which was set up as a 2 month "event" is closed, as it reached nearly 500 members totally unexpectedly, so we've moved the effort into an ongoing group and petition.

If you were part of that event, please either join the GROUP or sign the PETITION, and sorry for the duplicate effort! I'm blown away by how big this got so fast!

Thanks for your support and comments, keep em coming!

See you on the slopes!

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