Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thank you to Park City Pedorthics!

Brent Amsbury, boot fitter magazine's boot fitter of the year, has agreed to be a sponsor for me! Here he is working on my new Dalbello proton 12'S!

UPDATE: I skied in these boots the day after the MONSTER boot-fitting session (my feet are really tweaked after years in ice skates) 8:30 to 1:45 in the morning... the temps were -22 on the mountain, and in these NEW BOOTS, I was happy as a clam. Even buckeled them down!

They are stiffer than my previous (I was in the Proton 10 last year), and especially stiffer in -22!! But they were SO incredible, comfortable, but absolutely responsive as all get out. Alex and Zach and I got out and covered our noses to protect from frostbite and then went SCREAMING down the groomers... the snow was amazing, the Elan GSLX were mind-tremblingly awesome, and Zach and Alex gave me some great tips that made it even more fun!

Its gonna be a good season, y'all!

And thanks, Brent, the boots are absolutely perfect.

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