Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the COVER of 32 Degrees!

OH MY GOSH! They not only published my race camp story, its a 3000 word FEATURE and I'm on the COVER! (In a little picture, but THE COVER!) And... very cool, they put the POC full page ad right next to the last page of my article! YAY!

I'm just... flabbergasted. Humbled. Proud. Really grateful. Very grateful. Overwhelmed. Nervous as all get out. Happy. Thanks to Beth, my mom, Amanda, my kids, Dave Lyon, POC, Elan and Dalbello for getting me to Camp, and Dave, Tammie, Mac and Carson for taking such good care of me. And Stacey, what would I do without you?

Here it is, click on a photo to see it in a size you can actually read. Thanks, 32 Degrees!!





To see more pics and fun stuff from Hood, visit this link and scroll down.


Anonymous said...

Great story! Congratulations!

a said...

Thanks, Lisa! It was so fun to write, and really REALLY fun to go to!!