Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First Day Back at Work! Welcome to Ski Season!

YEAH! I can't believe we've started already! And to think, a couple of days ago I was almost dreading going to work. Can you believe it? It seemed like a LOT of effort to get all my gear together and move into my locker and then get really cold over and over until spring...

But you know what? Inertia is like that. My job does not suck. It is the opposite of sucky. I spent the last three days skiing in Montana Cold Smoke powder. I was worried that I'd forgotten how to ski, and forgotten how to teach, and forgotten all my MA. But no, that's not so.

Yesterday it was -24 on the chair lift, causing me to order Patagonia's Down Sweater to wear under my instructor's coat. The only new development besides that was the fact that the implant screws in my jaw got really cold, so my jaw was cold from inside the bone! WOW, that was a funky feeling!

Thanks to Taekwondo and hiking all summer, I came back in fairly good shape, and it took about 3 days to get my feet under me. The intrepid Rick Wollum allowed me to borrow his eye, and we worked on sending my body away from my feet rather than allowing my feet to travel away from my body. Active, rather than passive.

Another new thing this year is that Bodhi is going with me three days a week, so he gets to hang out in our truly outstanding Playcare facility, and ski once a day, (today we took a run together on Snowflake before heading home). Its great to have him there, I get to go in and get snuggles and eat lunch with him, and our playcare facility is TV FREE which I adore. He is happy and wiped out at the end of the day.

Looks like its gonna be a great season! Welcome back, everyone!

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