Friday, December 14, 2007

GEAR HEAD! Black Diamond Covert with Avalung arrived today!

I am no longer cursed with carrying my skis on my camel bak, wincing as they smack me in the head with every other step! Today, glorious of glories, my ski pack arrived. I am now the proud owner of a pack, shovel, probe, and my beacon should be here any day. Its my goal to get one hike a day in every day that weather permits on the ridge. SO EXCITED!!! Gotta get strong for my trans sierra trip with Sue this spring!

Black Diamond integrated an Avalung into their Covert Winter Pack to make backcountry ski days as safe as possible. This incredible pack impressed Couloir Magazine so much they gave it the Design Innovation award. The Avalung's shoulder-mounted mouthpiece is easily accessible to help you survive in an avalanche by allowing you to breathe under the snow. In addition to increasing the chances of your living through an avalanche, the Covert Winter Pack has a dedicated avalanche-gear pocket for your shovel and probe, and carries either skis or a snowboard. Black Diamond made a 22L size for after-work laps and resort-accessed backcountry, and a 32L size for dawn patrols. *Avalung is not removable.

Bottom Line: Don't take chances in the backcountry. Be safe out there with the Avalung-equipped Black Diamond Covert Winter Pack.

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