Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Training Log: Dec 3 and 4: Taekwondo Tag = Skiing in the Trees!

Okay, quick catch up: last night I went to Taekwondo. Tonight I went to Taekwondo. There, training Log complete. Oh, and I have re committed to my "during the day" workout, which consists of standing on one foot whenever I am standing anywhere. Doing dishes, in the shower, cooking, in line at the grocery store, whatever. It helps! I am also on the balance ball once a day (I tried for twice, but that doesn't happen consistently) for 20 min. I'd LOVE to be lifting weights again, but getting to the gym is proving difficult, so I think Tom is going to build out a little workout room for me in the garage! YEAH!

And I am trying to find time to teach a core strength class three times a week at Spire. They are ordering me Bosu balls. The question is... WHEN? I'll post it for y'all when I am holding climbing clinics and core strength class if you want to come train with me!

HERE is the VERY exciting news. We all know by now that Taekwondo is a GREAT way to improve strength and balance in your legs to prep for skiing. But TONIGHT, we warmed up with Taekwondo Tag, which is a PHENOMENAL game, and one I hope we end up playing in our ski boots at Bridger. BTW, I won a couple of points off my black belt opponent (!!) and earned my very first giant blood blister on the bottom of my toe. Oh, injury prone Kate, won't you heal for me??

First, you try to tag your opponents left shoulder, using either of your hands. They try to tag yours. Do one minute rounds. You have to tag the top of the shoulder to get the point.

Next, you do the other shoulder, then you do the right foot, you have to tag the top of the foot with either of your feet, while they are trying to tag you in the same manner.

NOW, do both, left shoulder and left foot. Here is where it is like skiing! The shoulder is the long down the hill focus, and the foot is the immediate soft focus of what is going on in the five feet around you. Switching focus back and forth, keeping your mind open and loose, being aggressive, but also adaptive and reactive...

It was HEAVENLY! What a terrific work out! We also did a bunch of great drills where you repeat kicks on one side, and finally keep your leg up and repeat kicks, which I remember doing endlessly in Shotokan. Its a great balance drill.

If you haven't made it to TKD West to give this a try, you really should! By the way, my MOM is looking for a TKD studio in Truckee, which is really exciting! Go mom!

Tonight, I got my green stripe on my white belt, and last night, I got my yellow. I am slowly working towards a yellow belt, but I am not going to test for it until February.

Here is some video that I took tonight of Master Saltz working with Liz, a redbelt who is ready to test for her black belt. She is worried about the board break that you have to do to pass the test. Enjoy!

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