Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New On Line Movement Analysis at Skiing in the Shower!

Shannon Griffin works on five short radius turns, one medium radius turn and five short radius turns in a new corridor on Thunder Road at Bridger Bowl, MT.

I am so excited! Today, Shannon and I were talking about starting a Movement Analysis club in town that would meet once a week to watch video and do some MA. The only problem is that I don't have one night a week available right now! (except maybe Friday, which I was saving for Jimmy B's, but maybe we could have beers at whoever's house is hosting??)...

Anyway, the point is I decided to post video here to my blog, and open all of it up for MA, so we can have a discussion not just in our ski school, but across divisions, and get perspectives, and really get talking!

If you have a video you'd like me to post for MA, send it to me with the name of the skier (if you know it), where they are skiing, and what the task is if there is one. I'll put it up and everyone can do some MA in the comments section.

All Movement Analysis videos will be labeled "movement analysis" so if you want to go back and look at the archives, you can scroll down and choose videos tagged with Movement Analysis.


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