Friday, December 14, 2007

Movement Analysis: Karin Kirk and Rick Wollum ski the Whirlpools (I think)

Karen Kirk and Rick Wollum ski the Whirlpools at Bridger Bowl. 13" of Cold Smoke!

Practice your movement analysis on Karen! Rules of the game: no bashing or trash talk, use this as an opportunity to practice honing your eye. Everyone is welcome to comment, I hope to get a cross-divisional discussion going on! Keep an eye out for visiting commentators, I hope to have lots of masterful eyes stop by and give us their two cents!

Well, I have a program that turns the video the right way up, but it still uploaded sideways! I have TONS of video already, so hang in there, I'll fix it and post shortly!

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Unknown said...

I would have to say for the first skier to use the pole plant to start movements into the next turn. It seems like the skier was holding on and settling into the bottom half of the turn. To get the skis to be more effective on this terrain move through the bottom into the next.

The second skier has a smiliar movement but caused by different means. I would have rick keep his uphill hand forward focusing on the inside half

At least taht is what i saw

josh (if we were rabbits, ohhh if we were rabbits) spuhler