Friday, December 7, 2007

Training Log: Dec 6: Wherein we go even though life is chaotic

Yesterday was insane. Bodhi and I ran more than 26 errands, and managed to get everything squared away for the sculpture thats due to install on Saturday night. I was still running a hundred miles an hour when I made it to the dojang. I was feeling very conflicted about working out last night, I wanted to for my fitness, and commitment. I missed the night before. But I still had SO much to do. Tom encouraged me to get in there, and it was a great idea!

As I stepped onto the mat, I was still in my head, driving around prioritizing, freaking out, stressing hard. Same thing in the stretches. Then, we started jogging up and down the mat. And slowly, I became present. I am here, these are my feet slapping the mat. This is an hour where I take care of myself in the midst of chaos. I let it all go.

And THEN I got to learn how to avoid a tackle by shooting my feet out behind me and landing on the back of the guy who is trying to tackle me! Master Saltz took me down and I managed to do it right on the last one.

I also managed to rip my blood blister open and squirt blood all over the mat, nothing a little duct tape and band aids couldn't cure. THATS gonna feel good in my ski boots! Do you remember that gum from the 80s that had squishy juice in it? and if you pushed it together with your fingers it would leak out the sides? Yeah, that was my toe. Lucky me, I'm still on Percodan because my mouth is still a wreck, so I couldn't really feel it!

I am so far behind on my sculpture, that I cant go to Fall Festival, which SUCKS, but I am trying to let it go, knowing that I trained hard all winter, and that, hey, I get to start skiing on Monday!

Lesson for the day: When you think you are too busy or stressed out to go take care of yourself, be it yoga, a walk, drink a cup of tea, that's the day you need it the most. I came home full of endorphins, proud of the things I'd learned, and charged to get four days worth of work done the next day!

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