Thursday, December 20, 2007

Movement Analysis Update! D-Team Oversight!

Rob Sogard has agreed to check in periodically on the Movement Analysis section of the blog, and do some of his own analysis, and check in on our ideas on the skiers we are looking at! I am excited and gratified to hear this, and we had a terrific discussion about how great it will be if we can get a National, cross divisional discussion going that is really positive and geared towards improving everyone’s analysis. I can’t think of a better way to learn from other schools and really promote an open discussion.

To find all the posts and videos on MA, look on the sidebar under Movement, Movement, Movement!

A note on the comments: This is an EGO FREE ZONE! The purpose of this club is to stretch your abilities in MA, not to shred the person skiing. LOTS of video will be going up in the next few days, as we have solved the sideways video issue, so hop on, and get practicing! You’ll help the skiers, you’ll work on your MA skills, and you’ll have an opportunity to have those skills evaluated by several members of the Demo Team!

Don’t forget to send me clips if you want them to be analyzed. You can mail them to me at :

Kate Howe
628 Starling Dr.
Bozeman, MT 59718

Put them in Quick Time format on a CD or DVD, and I’ll post them! You can also upload them directly to and send me the embed link. Email the link to me at :

Happy Viewing!

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