Sunday, May 25, 2008

Camel Bak makes a BPA free Bottle!

CamelBak has responded to consumer demand with a bottle that's contains no BPA! Click here to read the faq all about the new materials. Way to go, CamelBak!

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Unknown said...

In contrast to the recent actions in North America, in January 2006 the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment announced that polycarbonate baby bottles are safe and stated that published research on the health effects of Bisphenol A is "difficult to interpret and [is] occasionally contradictory".[29] An assessment released later that year by the European Union’s Food Safety Authority reached a similar conclusion, expressing "considerable reservations" about the biological significance and robustness of the low-dose exposure studies on rodents.[30] In 2007 Japan also concluded that "the current exposure levels of BPA will not pose any unacceptable risk to human health that a ban is not needed."[31]

Some toxicologists and regulatory agencies have criticized low-dose toxicity studies, especially those that involved injecting bisphenol A directly into animals, since human exposures typically involve ingestion and subsequent metabolization in the liver, and the experimental design of some of these studies has also been questioned.[32][33] Studies have also appeared pointing out flaws in chemical industry funded studies that found no evidence of adverse effects from low dose exposure,[34] and a study from 2008 concluded that blood levels of bisphenol A in neonatal mice are the same whether it is injected or ingested.[35]

[edit] Selected studies on low dose bisphenol A exposure in animals