Saturday, May 24, 2008

Defeat of the Lazy! Make it Happen!

Alright! I am glad everyone had a great time laying around and nursing thier boo boos, decompressing and eating bon bons!

Time to lite er up and git er done!

What have you been putting off? Its summer time (although you cant tell because its SNOWING outside!), and you are out of a job. Time to tackle those chores that take some concentrated effort.

There really is no time like the present! Get all fired up! Put on the coffee! Project away!

My goals for this weekend: list all my crap on ebay so I can pay for baby sitters for the next month of epic skiing (Granite peak? Teeton Pass? Beartooths? YES YES YES!)

Get to work on turning Hard Head Performance Coaching into a brand with a website and some collateral materials so that I can get HIRED to coach all over, thus making money for babysitting easier to come by, and allowing me to do the job I love the most much easier!


(The impetus for this post courtesy of my outstanding mother, who doesn't take crap from anyone and believes you can do it if you just think it through and get started! Thanks, mom!)

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