Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More photos are up on Flickr!

There are two sets of pics now, one is the "Best of Tryouts" with about 100 photos that I like the most, and the other set is all the pics that were in focus!(almost 600 now.) (minus a few repetitive ones). If you see pics of yourself and want to see if there are more, email me at with a link of a picture of yourself, and I will do my best to send you copies of all the photos I have of you.

I have two more CDs to go through and edit, but they aren't reading well on my computer, so hang in there until I can grab them off another computer! I'll get em up as quick as I can.

Thanks so much for having me at team tryouts, I have to say it was an incredible thing to watch, and to be a part of, and I am grateful that I got to participate!!


Unknown said...

Sweet pics Kate... so great to see this whole process documented

Anonymous said...

Great photos, you guys were really rippin'!

a said...

Thanks, guys! I have SO many more photos to post! Just wait until you see the free skiing days and some of the pics from the cuts.

It was such a priveledge to be there and watch everyone ski their hearts out! Brutal, but beautiful too.

Stay tuned, I have to get the pics from Jones when he returns from Seattle.