Friday, May 16, 2008

What the heck is up with all the Mike Rogan posts?

Well, Mike Rogan introduces a bunch of the clips on the PSIA's Movement Matrix, an amazing tool that the previous Demo team put together. We watched about 10 video clips one night during the Matrix presentation at Academy, and they all began... "Hi, I'm Michael Rogan with the PSIA National Alpine Team..." and the opportunity was too golden to pass up.

I ran to Cindy Lechtenburg and Megan Harvey and asked them to catch all the video they could of people saying "Hi, I'm Michael Rogan..."

We managed to not only KEEP it a secret from Michael, but we got EVERYONE including people behind the desk, the rest of the team, Steve Nyman from the US Ski Team, even Rogan's BROTHER, as well as the FULL TRAM at Snowbird. At the slide show at the last night's banquet, we inserted these movies after every 10 photos or so. The result was absolutely hilarious.

And Michael took it like a champ. Thanks for being a good sport, Capitan!!

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