Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thank You From Sacey Gerrish!

(Click on a photo to see a nice BIG version!)Here is an incredible letter from one of the athletes I was coaching at National Teams Tryouts, Stacey Gerrish. With her permission, I reprint it here. What an AMAZING positive force this woman is. This letter is a great representation of the tight family community that were the candidates at the tryouts. Congratulations to ALL the athletes for their hard work and dedication, and thank you, Stacy, for sharing this with us.

To my Rocky Mountain Comrades,

It was an honor to participate with all of you at the National Team Selection. An honor and a humbling experience! To be there participating with other athletes who share my same passion for skiing, learning and excelling was a win. Regardless of the final outcome this was one of the finest experiences of my skiing career.

I have the utmost respect for everyone who challenged themselves and took the risk to participate in the selection event. We have remarkable pros in our industry and it’s great to be reminded of why I’ve chosen to dedicate my career to the sport of skiing.

Let’s keep the momentum going; ski together whenever we have the opportunity and look forward to the next adventure on skis.

Thank you for your inspiration, your encouragement, training, support and dedication. Congratulations for your efforts and my best to the new team.

You are all rock stars in my world!


Stacey Gerrish
Training Manager
Beaver Creek Ski & Snowboard School
970-754-5344 office
970-754-5321 fax

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