Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcome to LaLa Land

Los Angeles is a trip. I got here about three days ago, after driving down from the Mammoth/Bishop area, and it was like being rescued from Gilligan's Island, if Gilligan et. al. had been living on the ice world of Hoth.

I smelled cut grass for the first time since August. I saw leaves on trees! I put SHORTS on! And as we got closer and closer, I smelled the ocean, and the Eucalyptus and the lemon grass. And then I heard the sirens and saw the traffic and felt for the first time the crush of people. It was exhilarating, and totally overloading and confusing at the same time.

I have always heard that people were overwhelmed when they visited New York or Los Angeles, but never really REALLY understood it, because I have always really enjoyed the chaos. Living in Venice Beach as I did, for years and years, I was totally immersed in the color and sound of the cars, people, ocean, gulls... and its been ten months of white silence and a few good friends.

I'm excited to be back, its been amazing to travel to the Getty, walk on the beach, feel the sand, the sun, see the trees and the costumes and people and the very blatant naked desire of Hollywood on the face of so many people... land of dreams!! This place has changed a lot since I left two and a half years ago, Hollywood Blvd. is no longer a total shit hole, the new malls are amazing, the place is clean, neat, and upscale. Gone are the t-shirt shops, and in their place are Armani Exchange and the Oakley store. The same cast of D List "maybe I'll make it this time" actors in cheesy costumes troll the outside of the Grumman's Chinese Theater asking for tips for photos, but the pros are noticeably missing from the corners, and the dirt and reality of the city has been a bit sanitized.

Tomorrow, I go surfing with the tow truck driver who saved me from the easily excited bodyshop car guys. Never ever a dull day.

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