Thursday, May 15, 2008

FUN FUN FUN Watershed Festival!

Our nearest National Forest access is popular 365 days a year and especially in the spring when dry trails and wildflowers appear while the high country is either mud or snow. Now imagine that it was possible to have another trail much like the M with great valley views and the same mixture of native grasslands and Douglas fir forest.

Drinking Horse Mountain is the nearest mountain south of the M, and plans have been made to build a fabulous new public hiking trail. The wheels are in motion and we are into the final fund raising push. Your participation is welcome. Remember that the U.S. economy is lagging and sometime during the next couple of months you should receive a check in the mail from our friends at the U.S. Treasury. While it might be tempting to buy a new big screen TV and stimulate the economy of China, consider a local contribution to build a legacy project that will be enjoyed by generations of hikers.

Drinking Horse Mountain is just that kind of opportunity. To make matters more interesting, Saturday May 17th is a chance to have some fun at the Watershed Festival at the Fish Technology Center from 10-3. The Festival is built around Arts, Entertainment and Watershed education including an afternoon performance by the Equinox Theatre , and hikes up Drinking Horse Mountain. If I am reading the announcement correctly there will be an opportunity to “Learn from a live Black Bear”.

Beginning at 5:00 the Bridger Creek Boys will play bluegrass music into the evening hours. Free admission. Food and beverages will be available. This is a fund raiser for Drinking Horse Mountain and should be a lot of fun. If you believe the weather forecast it should be hot and sunny…

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