Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome to the team, Megan Harvey!

Wow, what a day. Yet another amazing addition to my "official" training team, without whom I would have NO chance of success, Megan Harvey, who was my first Academy Coach, met me after I'd been skiing for two months again, and who gave me my first set of real skis, because I was too broke to buy gear, has blushingly let me call her my Mentor, which is what I called her anyway behind her back.

Aside from being an amazing source of never ending energy and playfulness, Megan believes in me, and has from the first day I met her. The author of the Alpine Technical Manual, and a three term D Team member, Megan is an incredible woman, and I'm constantly blown away by her generosity with her time and everything else.

She's also a great friend. So, we (and that's the royal we, I guess) are thrilled and honored to have Ms. Harvey on our team. Thanks, Man!!

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