Saturday, May 17, 2008

Squatty Schuller, welcome to the team!!

Earlier this year, I had the undeniable pleasure of working with Squatty Schuller at Aspen/Snowmass. While I was there, there was a lot of amazing recruiting going on. Megan showed me every nook and cranny of all the hills, we got to train with every clinic we could get to, I explored the town and was treated to a week at Megan and Rick's lovely home.

I told Megan that all that Aspen had to offer was amazing, but the thing that tempted me the most was this man. You can look all your life for a coach who clicks. What Squatty says makes sense. My skiing changes completely every time I get within ten feet of him. I knew when I met him that if I had the chance, I'd give everything I had every day to him because he is that kind of coach.

Last time I was in Aspen, Squatty offered to coach me. He took me carefully up to and through my level 3 exam, at a time when I felt all alone and like no one believed in me, this man brought me back up. He introduced me to a fleet of people who helped me through the exam process, and who I now count as friends and mentors.

Thanks for officially joining my team, Squatty! I'm honored to have you.

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