Friday, June 1, 2007

Buh - bye! Beartooth Pass Bound

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SEE ya! I'm going skiing this weekend! Heading up for my first time EVER to the Beartooth pass, camping in my truck, got good food, Tom's Ipod (we decided not to get me one afterall... kinda spendy and, you know... not so much with the cashflow right now...) anyhow, SO psyched to be on skis again, re read my entire blog last night to put skiing back in my head, the way I have been thinking and feeling, and I am taking these tips with me:

Simutaneous feet in crud and powder
Hand below elbow on pole plant
Feel old inside hip click as you step onto new ski (in direction of new turn)
Stay out of "rotated uphill and inside"
Feel body mass move through arc described by feet
make turns match

and, of course, HAVE FUN!

I have lots and lots to post about already, but I'll be back on Monday with my latest back country adventure!

By the way, Tom is alone with the kids all weekend by himself for the first time ever so: first: Thanks, Tom! second: Good luck with that! third: drink lots of beer! You'll be a better parent! fourth: God I hope he lets me go skiing again after this!

Ooh, and I didn't post my training log for yesterday, so here it is: hiked Kirk hill to the fire road with Liat at a snails pace for some reason. No work out today, packing! (And I didn't want to be sore, because I know Josh is going to kick my ass)

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