Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Training Tips: AJ Bear on the Swiss Ball

Here is some great video sent to me by Andy Docken. This is world cup skier AJ Bear working out on the swiss ball. This first video is a one legged jump, from one foot and landing on the same foot.

This is a drill that we use in figure skating as well, to at 36" platform, but from a static position, to develop explosive power in the calf, and train maximum muscle recruitment from a 0 energy position. I can tell you from experience, this is scary to do! We start on an 8" box, and move up by 10" until we are jumping up to the height of your kitchen counter.

The rest of these drills are exercises on the swiss ball, and, as Andy warns, BE CAREFUL! I'd train a bunch on the Bosu ball before going here, but I think that the requirements for balancing on the swiss ball are great for skiing and rock climbing as well, incredible core strength and body tension to keep stable on a very movable platform.

Your thoughts? Post em here!


a said...

So, that's three people who have made the comment that being able to do something this extreme is exciting, but is it necessary? Hmmm...

How far do you go to be the best? When do you decide that the crazy thing you are doing might actually be putting your goal at risk?

Where do you choose to risk it all? Do you ever?


Anonymous said...

I know AJ Bear in real life. The guy is amazing. This is only the tip of the iceberg as to what he has done in training!