Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do you know... where the Kate has gone...?

I'm here! Sorry I haven't posted in a week. We had a bit of family time, and a bit of an accidental (but needed) training break. This used to freak me out... oh my god, its been two day since I went to the gym, that's dangerous, what if it becomes three? Then five??? Then it will be a week and i will be OUT OF TRAINING! Which means... all kinds of horrible things.

But I had a chat with Mike, and we talked about staying sane, staying in it for the long haul, and then I let these couple of days sort of stretch out... and its good.

My plans for the weekend, epic hike on Saturday, epic ski on Sunday got derailed, and this time, rather than panicking, and getting down, and lashing myself for being less than perfect, I took care of some things around the house (Tom did a bit of demolition, we took down the wall between the office and the kitchen, which is SO cool...), I wrote a bunch of sculptural proposals, (I worked on one for our Bozeman Library, and one for Red Bull!), and got them in, and I went to the movies with my hubby. (Knocked Up, excellent, go see it, Ocean's 13... well, they are pretty, so its worth the drool factor, but aside from that... It's fun, not nearly the movie Oceans 11 was.)

I did do two hikes, one on Sourdough trail with our kids and my great friend Jen and her brood, and one with them today (with Duke in his Batman Cape) up Leverich Canyon to the old mine. The kids did great, its not quite what you'd call a workout, but it beats sitting at home!

See you on the snow this week!

Okay, so that was the happy, upbeat, positive side. Let me also say that I ate peanut butter cookies this week, drank 3 RedBulls, and gained 2 pounds. So while it was a nice vacation, (although I still did my Balance 360 drills, its time to GET OFF MY EVER SPREADING ASS and get the H E double Hockey Sticks out there!

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