Friday, June 15, 2007

Training Log: June 13

So I hiked S. Cottonwood Canyon with my most loverly rather preggers friend, Ms. Mama Jen, and all four of our kids, out to the meadow past the bridge (dodging horse poop the whole way). It took us three and a half hours! Good golly!

Ethan and Duke were Anakin and Luke Skywalker, Isabel played the part of Princess Leia, and Bodhi, of course, was the Transformer Wing Saber. (Although he pronounces is Wing Saver).

But it was a lot of fun, we saw an amazing variety of wildflowers, and it was great to be out hiking no matter how fast!

Mini Epic hike tomorrow from S. Cottonwood to Blackmoore... We'll continue and do the peak if Liat has time. Otherwise, I think its about 13 miles.

For those of you who are counting: Its Back Day! Yay! Liat and I did some new exercises on the Bosu Ball for stability and resistance, we will video them tonight and post, they were great core strengtheners, and worked well on the back as well!

Lat pull downs, assisted pull ups, upright row, hyper extensions, bicep curls (preacher, and incline dumbell), abs on the ball and to failure on the incline bench (this is really fun, we will video this for you as well!)

Here are a couple of pics from the Sourdouh Trail mini hike last weekend:
That's Bodhi on his Trike with the Leaf Hat, and Tom carying his girlfriend, Isabel, who Bodhi is determined to marry. Either her, or Milla Jovovitch from the Fifth Element, he's not sure.

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