Monday, June 25, 2007

Training Log: June 21: Beehive Basin

It was reviewed as a five star, three hour hike to a spectacular glacial lake in a beautiful cirque. But this is the first thing you see when you get to the trail. Welcome to Beehive basin.

What they DIDN'T say, is that there are no less than 33 trail markers in the 1.5 miles to the official wilderness area, because the trail is on PRIVATE PROPERTY that the land trust has an easement to. There were times when we could see FOUR trail signs in the 100 yards we were hiking on.

GOOD GOD! And then, while the gazillion dollar homes being built in the area were beautiful, it was kind of like "Stay on the trail! Don't look at our house! Don't step off the trail! Move along, poor people!" Ick. Ick and more ick.

The pond was nice, the lake was pretty, the cirque was lovely. This isn't nearly the hike that Heather lake in Hyalite or So. Cottonwood to Blackmoor is. Don't waste your time unless you want to hike in a pack with a bunch of people that don't want you to hike there.

Boooooooooo! Lets make a nicer relationship between the homeowners and the hikers, right now it feels like the easement is a thorn, a well marked WELL LABELED, well enforced thorn. Then we can enjoy all the things this post should have been about, like these amazing flowers, views, and great friends.

Yes, I am making this face because Gin just grabbed my ass. Its true. She's like that.


The Catharine Chronicles said...

I reiterate the curse I uttered on our trail ride upon the movie stars real estate investorment brokers who are parsing Montana as their own personal playgrounds... may the market not support their Satanic, unholy money-making schemes and may they all find themselves in the throes of misery and poverty, forced to sell their over-priced land back to the good people of Montana for a tiny fraction of what they paid for it.

Damn Dennis Quaid and the horse he rode in on.


a said...

HUZZAH to the Catharine! You are so right. Thanks for the curse you've laid upon them... I hope it works. Speaking of Dennis Quaid and the horse he rode in on, I hear that the locals in Paradise Valley are actually quite fond of him, and they miss Meg, and aren't fond of the new girl.

ALSO, in other news, all that beautiful acreage out by Chico that we rode on? Yeah. Its gated now. It has sprinklers. It is, indeed, called Cowboy Lakes.