Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Training Log: June 26: CLIMBING!

Yay, yay and more yay. Tom and I took the boys bouldering outside of Gardiner, and that was fun. But even BETTER than that was the two and a half hours of climbing that we did ALL BY OURSELVES tonight at Spire Climbing Center in Bozeman! YEAH!

Tom and I started out as climbing buddies... well, actually, we started out as coach and client... it cost me $360 in private lessons to get a date with him. And then, years later, we opened our own climbing gym, but by then, I was nursing a 3 month old... and then we had another baby... so in the last 7 years or so, we haven't done ANY climbing together!

We both coached, he climbed with the strong guys in SoCal when he could (but man, for two people who owned a gym, neither of us climbed at all..), and I coached, but was too fat, weak and pregnant to climb at all. And WAY to heavy for it to be fun.

Over time, we just got sad and kind of gave up on climbing together. I figured i was going to always be a fat mom, and when we lost our business to our evil landlord a couple of years ago, we were both so sickened by that loss that we figured we'd never climb again.

Guess what? Tonight, it was a blast. It was like when we first started dating only better, because we were just climbing, no expectations, coaching or anything. Ahhhhh.... climbing with my sexy hubby at last...

Here you go, here is True Love In Action: Tom is the ultimate Cheater Stone, giving me a boost in Thailand in 1999.

Also, been busy building up the training fund so I can go to Mt Hood in August! Visit my Ebay Store: Uuber Baby to buy all the crap I have laying around in my garage. Its actually very swank baby clothes from a designer friend of mine. Makes great shower gifts. She does Rock n Roll t-shirts and such for toddlers. V. Cute.


The Catharine Chronicles said...

It's also more fun now because, now, you know that when you go home, Tom's kind of a sure thing.

(Hi, Tom.) ;)



a said...

Well, not always... heh heh... sometimes we have to ply him with beer and sedatives, or a roofie or two... but, you know, then hes game!

Just kidding...

The Catharine Chronicles said...

Okay, I didn't read any of that, just in case the police come to question me.



a said...

probably wise...