Thursday, June 7, 2007

Training Log: June 7

Had a great meeting with Michael today. So set the tone for a rockin' day in which I got so much done! Got some film to watch, too, psyched for that.

Hiked up Kirk hill (again) today, there was about an inch or two of snow still since our last big storm blew through... someone was reporting 18" of fresh in the Beartooths and 24" in the Big Sky area!

I had some exciting news happen (which I can't tell you about yet) so I can't go ski in the Beartooths again this weekend. I think we are going to ski the Great One off of Sacajawea Peak instead on Sunday morning. So excited!

Went to the gym tonight and ripped out an awesome workout with Liat in an hour flat, we did the total leg machine (so cool), a set for quads and a set for glutes, seated calf raises, standing calf raises, face down hamstring curls, squats in the smith machine, dead lifts in the smith machine, full squats (all the way to the heel rest) on the bosu ball, which were GREAT and which I will post video of next week, and abs of doom. We did ab crunches on the Swiss ball holding a 10lb medicine ball over our heads, obliques with the swiss ball on the floor, and incline bench abs where you catch a 12lb medicine ball and go back with it, crunch up and toss it to your partner (who is standing on one foot on the bosu ball.) We did those to failure, and then just sat there at an incline holding the ball to failure. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

I am posting a comment regarding your training tip- does this help me reach my goal. I clicked on my bookmarks bar to see what was new on your blog, and the sidebar really spoke to me this morning! Its simple and you can't lose if you ask, examine, act. Thank you, thank you! I'll look at this whenever I'm stuck and unhappy, or, when I'm going a million miles a minute, trying to "reach" something.

a said...

I am so glad that this helped you! That means a lot! It is time to change the sidebar tip, and I have lots of them, so I'll get a new one up before the end of the week.

If you ever have any tips that help YOU out, or quotes, feel free to send them in. To steal directly from Ms. Clinton: it take a village to make a motivated person in training!