Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wildflower Bonanza

I just really needed to share this incredible bunch of wildflowers with you! The roses are starting to bloom on Kirk hill! Liat and I found wild irises, wild orchids, and just a veritable plethora of amazing color especially at Kirk Hill and on the South Cottonwood trail. If you get a chance in the next two weeks, get out there, man! Its amazing!

This, by the way, is a lovely and handy guide that I like to carry in my backpack, its all stuffed with field samples and notes of when and where I saw each flower.

A Field Guide to Wild Flowers of the Rocky Mountains by Carl Schreier. If you are here in Bozeman, they sell it at the Roundhouse, Northern Lights, and Barrel, the last time I looked. Otherwise,

A Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains
Buy it at Amazon

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