Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Go, Speed Racer, GO!

Its Rollerbladeriffic! This is what I felt like tonight (but not quite what I look like... yet...although I am searching for some fabulous pants like that...)

Liat is loaning me her rollerblades and tonight I went for a quick RIP around the circle at our house, good to be on skates again! Funny, though, I am MUCH further back on my skates than I was before I spent so much time on my skis. I have moved from the center of the ball of the foot back to the front of the heel, so my skating was a bit wonky!

Interesting to find out in the fall what rollerblading all summer does to my ski stance. Better too far forward than too far back for now, I guess, though. (Over the handlebars, anyone???)

ALSO: MUST replace Liat's wheels! She's been stroking on the inside of the wheel, so when I went to roll from outside edge to inside edge, I almost ate it! Whew!

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