Friday, June 27, 2008

Adventures in exercising after a couple a beers...

A friend of mine was out golfing all day in the sun. Drinking beers, playing golf, hangin'out. When he got home, he really felt like he needed to get some exercise, but he was a bit wasted.

He posed the question to me: Should I pass out on the couch, or go for a ride? (On a fire road, not in traffic)

My answer: If you are feeling sober enough to ride, you should go get some exercise!

A few hours later, this is what I got back:

So tonight we learned that I should have:

A) not tried to ride after drinks on the golf course
B) removed the clips
C) gone out on the cruiser bike instead

Took a few photos, most show snow, which totally justifies why the 1 hour uphill took way longer than that.

I downhilled through a wedding rehearsal (oops), I'm sure the photog got some shots of that as well.

You shouldn't stop the wedding party where they cannot be seen from above. I guess they don't know the code. . .

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