Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Top Ten Signs YOU might need a new Meniscus...

I just got this email from this very excellent clinic who has helped me just via email with tons and tons of questions on dryland training and PT, check it out!!


Top Ten Signs That You Might Need a New Meniscus:

10. You had all or part of your meniscus removed when you played sports.
9. You walk so bowlegged that people ask if you just got off a horse.
8. You've been told you need a knee replacement.
7. You've been told you need a partial knee replacement.
6. Your knees make noise when you walk.
5. The side of your knee hurts.
4. Your doctor says that you have the knees of an 80-year-old.
3. Your last three knee surgeries didn't relieve the pain.
2. Joint lubrication and glucosamine are no longer quite enough.
And the #1 sign you might need a new meniscus is...
Your knee hurts and you're missing cartilage, but you just can't bear to give up sports!

The old technology: "Go home and rest your knee, wait until you are older to have artificial joint replacement," has been replaced by the new technology:

- Exercise your knee with supervision to increase the range of motion.
- Use gait training, physical therapy, and soft tissue mobilization to improve joint mechanics.
- Strengthen the muscles around the joint.
- Lubricate the joint with glucosamine and joint lubrication injections.
- Clean out the arthritic spurs and torn tissue and replace the missing cartilage.

We have published peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate that the meniscus can be replaced even in an arthritic knee and provide pain relief with return to sports. We have now developed a program of Biologic Joint Replacement that is helping people to delay or avoid artificial joint replacement.

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Kevin R. Stone, M.D. and the Team at The Stone Clinic

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