Monday, June 30, 2008

Climbing Mt. Rainier

Kurt and his friend Mary are climbing Mt. Rainier right now, they should be leaving camp at midnight to summit. The weather is supposed to be awesome, a bit on the hot side. I can't wait to hear the trip report!

If you are curious about Mt. Rainier, check this site out. Its really cool, its a blog written by the rangers!

The last few days have been much needed hard core family days. And today was a total rest day. I may also rest tomorrow. I feel like my body needs it, or I may get into over-training mode, which is not fun, and totally unproductive. Its SO hard not to go outside and play, tho!!

Right now, I am looking for a used stand up paddle board to work out on in the reservoir and maybe take down the Madison. Anyone have one?

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