Saturday, June 28, 2008

More test driving of various and sundry broken body parts

I thought I'd truck up Kirk Hill and see if my knee could handle hiking up a steep pitch, as it did alright running on the flats for about 2 miles yesterday. I put on my iPod, cranked up this mix that I made for a friend of mine, and powered up the hill. It was a BEAUTIFUL evening, and I felt really good, but I started feeling my knee at the first vista point. I decided to keep going and see if it intensified, I really REALLY wanted to go all the way to the fire road, and then, if it felt good, do the full loop.

But I am trying TRYING to be conservative, and listen to my body so I don't over train, which I am prone to, especially when I have a performance jump, like I just did (which also often coincides with injury for some reason!)

So I turned around before the fire road and went home. I talked with a friend in need on the way down the hill, connecting again, which was lovely, and am sending good thoughts to them today: Hang in there, this too shall pass!

I'm off to go climbing with Tom at Allenspur today, its our first time climbing together in EIGHT years, we figured it out exactly. Incredible.

Have a beautiful day, go find your BLISS!

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