Friday, June 27, 2008

If they are coming at you and they look REALLY tired, cheer for them!

Greetings from Bridger Creek:

The Primal Quest is happening right now and coming to Bozeman. You may have seen bits of this on the sports page, but if you want to see the real story go to the official website map:

Imagine finding your toughest 3 friends to make a 3 man/1 woman team, pay a $10,000 entry fee and go on a 500 mile adventure race in the nearby mountains? Do you like orienteering, rock climbing, white water and mountain biking? Good. You’ll need all of those skills and more not to mention the ability to endure sleep deprivation and tired feet. The race is well underway and the top 2 teams have passed through Bozeman after starting at Lone Mountain, trekking to the Paradise Valley, then the Crazy Mountains, now down the spine of the Bridgers to the M and then through the Spanish Peaks to Ennis Lake, hence back to the point of origin at Big Sky. If you see some tired looking teams coming down the M, riding their bikes into town or on the Story Mill Spur trail headed south of town this weekend, cheer them on. They don’t call it adventure racing for nothing. One of the top teams had to scratch this morning and helicopter one of their teammates off the Bridger Ridge with acute tendonitis. Each team carries a GPS locator, so the teams actual position is shown on the website. Sounds like fun. Right?

Happy Trails,

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