Monday, June 9, 2008

Hard Head Performance Coaching at its NEW DOMAIN!

ITS UP! Please visit to check out my Performance Coaching pages! For a limited time, all my coaching articles and documents are viewable by everyone, but soon those pages will be password protected for clients only.

Please view the site in SAFARI, as it is STILL loading improperly into other browsers (grrrr, working on it).

What IS Hard Head Coaching? Its my own unique method of coaching based on 18 years of coaxing elite level athletes into performance breakthroughs. My job is to help you learn to allow yourself to perform to your ABSOLUTE POTENTIAL in all situations, with a calm, clear mind.

NEW to the Hard Head program is coaching for your coaches! Do you want to add a new dimension to your training program? Book me for a Training session, and I will travel to you, and teach YOUR coaches how to recognize destructive emotional and psychological situations in YOUR athletes and diffuse them.

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