Monday, June 23, 2008

Duck Pond Heaven

Today was another incredible day in Bozeman, which sometimes fees like the land of bliss. Its so idyllic here, its ridiculous. Tom and I have been talking a lot about how strange it is that our home is so beautiful, our kids are so happy, his job is so good, my job is so fulfilling, and yet, there is still so much struggle and difficulty, disconnect and pain.

The very soothing thing about all this is that no matter what, we do have a deep and definite friendship which keeps us trying to help each other. Neither of us are sure what that means, or where we will be in three weeks, three months, or a year. But we muddle through.

In the mean time, there are heavenly moments for each of us in our lives: Tom went out climbing and found his bliss on Saturday while the boys and I played in the sunshine, and I went out and skied the steeps with Angela and enjoyed some truth and connection with her, feeling grateful to be real and connect on a deeper level with a truly beautiful woman who I admire so much.

Today, there was a different kind of bliss amidst the confusion that is regular every day life, the boys and my sister and I went to the duck pond and fed the ducks. There was laughy taffy involved. There was chasing of animals who flew and splashed. There was fort building in the trees. There was peace for a moment.

Thanks, Liat for the BEAUTIFUL photos!!!

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