Friday, June 13, 2008

Skied Avalanche Bowl out to Telemark Bowl in Jackson Hole area on the Teeton Pass this morning!

What an incredible day. Warm, bluebird day, sparkling crystal snow... We got up early (not quite as early as we meant to... oops), and headed up to the pass again today. We skinned out to the top of Mt. Ellis, and skied a few laps in Avalanche Bowl, and then skied two more beautiful pitches all the way down to the gully at the bottom.

Then we packed up our skis and bootpacked out across the dirt to the Telemark Bowl side, and on our way over there, Selko spotted SUPER FRESH bear tracks! We hung around making some photos of the tracks, and then had a beautiful skin out. We considered a lap in Telemark, but the snow was getting really sloppy, so we decided to leave it for tomorrow!

Back at the parking lot, a cycling club had just made the top of the Pass, they are cycling from Logan, Utah to Alpine Wyoming! Wow!

BY THE WAY, let me just give a huge shout out to Bozeman Family Clinic, Dr. Barton and crea, and Bridger Orthopedic and the Freestone PT clinic in Bozeman, MT who managed to get a terrific brace for me to put my broken (who knows HOW broken) ulna in so I could ski on this trip! You guys ROCK!

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