Saturday, June 28, 2008

Climbing at Allenspur, near Pray, MT

Today was a very unusual day!

This morning, all the boys camped out on the couch together watching Power Rangers Turbo, the Movie, and then...

Tom and I went climbing together for the first time in eight years. It was unbelievably fun. We drove down to Livingston, and then headed toward Chico. We parked just over the river (which was at VERY high water, all the fields and part of the parking lot and road are flooded) and walked through a soggy field and past some beautiful horses, and then climbed up this very narrow, steep, scree filled climbers trail to the rock.

The rock is limestone, and it has such beautiful texture! It's pocketed by the run of, so it has all these little spurs you can stand on, the feet are plentiful! I led a 5.7 right off the bat, which I was psyched to do, it was my first time on a rope in, god, five years? And my first time in climbing shoes in about a year.

I top roped the 5.7 next to it, and then Tom led a beautiful 5.10b on an arrette around the corner, and I top roped it! I had to take a couple of times on the bottom, but then I linked a bunch of moves together, and kind of remembered how to climb! It was GREAT!

Tom climbed a couple more 5.10s around the corner, and I was psyched to try more, but my arm, where its still a little broken, was kind of sore from pulling on the rock, so I gave it a rest. We had an awesome, energetic hike out, and hopped in the car hot, soggy from the adventure in the flooded field, sunburnt, chalky and pumped! What a great feeling.

For more photos of Allenspur, click here!

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